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We believe that strong families are the cornerstone of vibrant communities. By offering a wide range of resources, support systems, and educational opportunities, we aim to bridge gaps and nurture connections.

Whether you are a new parent seeking guidance, a teenager looking for mentorship, or a family in need of support, our doors are always open. We understand the diverse challenges that families face and are here to offer not just solutions but a sense of belonging and hope.


What we offer

What Families Say

"Thank you for the "eggs"elent event!  You could see all of the love and hard work that was put into this event" - Rebecca A

The Briarwood Project

The challenges confronting families today, such as childcare, housing, mental health, and financial stability, are becoming more intricate. These interconnected issues often compound each other, all originating from a common root cause - the lack of family support.

To bring about a change, it is essential to offer substantial assistance to families and ensure they have access to community aid. Without these crucial adjustments, the forthcoming generations will continue to face these enduring hurdles.

Our initiative to acquire the former Briarwood College is a significant stride in establishing a supportive, family-centric community. Our goal is to empower families to flourish by promoting personal development through shared responsibilities. Through emphasizing community support and cooperation, we can lay a solid groundwork for the generations to come.

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