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Building a Strong Community for Families: The Briarwood Project

As we grew up, we often heard the saying "it takes a village to raise a child." However, for decades, parents have been questioning the absence of this "village." This very sentiment led to the establishment of the Misfit Mamas, Inc. and our dedication to The Briarwood Project. Before the cycle of generational trauma persists, causing ongoing struggles for families and predominantly affecting the children of the next generations. So how can something such as The Briarwood Project change this?

The impact of Briarwood and its contribution to lasting positive change will center on communal living. Beyond providing physical space, co-housing fosters personal development. Residents share knowledge and responsibilities, creating a vibrant environment for learning and growth. This nurtures individuals and encourages a balanced lifestyle where personal progress and community well-being are intertwined. Co-housing extends beyond living arrangements; it cultivates a thriving community that supports both individual and collective advancement, particularly benefiting vulnerable community members like children and seniors.

Along with building intentional community aim to establish connections and a sense of security. By offering communal spaces and services, such as indoor play areas, art labs, community theaters, support groups, and therapeutic services, families will be provided with resources tailored to their interests and needs. The Briarwood Project also addresses the deficiencies in the current childcare system in the United States, striving to create a more supportive environment for working families and children's development by proving spaces where they can work and continue their studies while their children play, explore and socialize.

Recognizing the financial strains faced by families, especially in areas like housing and childcare, the project aims to lay the foundation for a more equitable society where families can flourish together. By fostering an environment that supports families at all stages, the project seeks to strengthen the backbone of society through intergenerational support and collaboration. Together, we can create a community where families thrive, supporting one another through life's challenges and triumphs. Providing environment that supports families of all stages. It’s our families that our the back bone of our society, and history has shown has shown us that time and time again. Our older generations teach our younger, and our younger generations teach our older too, and we care for eachother. We raise each other, being there to support each other through the ebbs and flows of life as a village to one another. We weren’t meant to do it alone, and with Briarwood we won’t have to.

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