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The Twists & Turns To Briarwood

The Briarwood Project has stirred up excitement throughout, engaging everyone with its ambitious plans and exciting developments. It's been a remarkable journey filled with victories, unexpected moments, and strong community backing. It's not just about construction; it's about making a difference in people's lives and demonstrating the power of community and perseverance. This campus has been the center of our efforts, dreams, and community spirit over the past several months, as we continue our efforts to lay our organizations foundational roots. We have poured our hearts into the idea of transforming this historical piece of our community into a beacon of hope and prosperity for families. Our vision for this property expands far beyond the existing structures currently on its stunning 32+ acres. The journey to make it all possible has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, with highs and lows that have tested our commitment, but the underlying belief in the power of community and shared dreams, and the hundreds of stories we have heard from families throughout the community have kept us going along the way.

Despite encountering seemingly insurmountable challenges, we remained steadfast. Countless nights spent researching, analyzing data, pursuing grants, and fundraising. With your stories only fueling our efforts each day. This February, we made a bold move by proposing a rent-to-own agreement that, surprisingly, sparked a willingness to negotiate from the sellers. with one condition – we needed a year's rent in reserves before proceeding. This motivated us to push harder to secure additional grants and funds, and organize our Begin Gala in a record timeframe of two weeks. We had an opportunity, and we were determined to make it happen, between the Gala and our Spring Egg-Stravanza, as well as finally receiving our official federal non-profit 501(c)3 status to chase all the grants we’d been compiling the past year, we were confident we could bring this project to life.

Then came an a jaw dropping twist of fait, causing us to postpone and halt some initiatives as we explored an unexpected opportunity that was presented. Just a few days before the Gala was set to take place, we received a message from the sellers agents. They had other interested parties for the property, and they had a similar vision as ours. They wanted to know if we’d all be interested in meeting to discuss a community collaboration for our project between us all. A huge part of our foundation and mission as an organization is building back our communities, and we firmly believe that when we collaborate and come together with others, we are able to make an even more profound and lasting impact. We were open to the idea of the collaboration, and anxious to hear how it could work for everyone involved. Over the following weeks, connections were made between us all, and we shared our plans and visions. We learned how coming together benefited the project and our communities as whole as well as our own unique ideas for the property and it’s existing structures. We realized that together we could make an even bigger impact long term, proving an opportunity for families of all stages to thrive - not just survive.

So now, several weeks after our initial offer we are back navigating negotiations as a collaborative effort, as a collective of mothers and fathers with a deep-seated belief in community collaboration over individual gain. The subsequent meeting and exchange of ideas with our potential partners has underscored the magic that happens when collective visions align. Suddenly, the dream of Briarwood is no longer a solo endeavor for our organization alone but a shared journey with like-minded individuals who are ready to invest not just financially but with their hearts into this project and create change alongside us.

As the Briarwood Project progresses and the community eagerly awaits, the vision of Briarwood transforming into a center for affordable housing, communal living, alternative education, perinatal wellness, support, resources, and community programs gains momentum. The overwhelming support and enthusiasm from our new partners and our community continue to highlight the power of community collaboration, proving that together, we can achieve anything. Standing at the brink of realizing a shared dream, Briarwood holds the promise of becoming a symbol of hope and unity. While the identities of these passionate partners will soon be revealed, their commitment to family values and community essence perfectly aligns with our mission. Moving ahead, the excitement is tangible, and the future of Briarwood is now more vivid and within reach than ever before. Stay tuned as we continue to share more on this extraordinary project, illustrating the resilience and unity as a community.

How can you contribute to help us achieve our goal? Collective action is key. Whether through donations, raising awareness, or sharing expertise, every contribution is invaluable. The Briarwood Project exemplifies the strength of community unity toward a common goal. Join us on this journey as we shape the future of the Briarwood vision, fostering lasting positive change throughout our communities by donating directly through our project page on our website today, or simply sharing this post. We thank you all for your continued support, and look forward to sharing more soon.

With love always,


Shea Wordell

"We have to stop thinking of ourselves and society as a point of scarcity and actually look at it as a point of inclusive bounty. And so, building collective power, which is your dollar plus my dollar equals two dollars."

-Teresa C. Younger

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