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About Us

 Building a place families can thrive, not just survive.

The Misfit Mamas, Inc. is an organization committed to providing a community of support to families throughout Connecticut though our weekly and special event offerings, support groups, child care services and additional resources that may be available throughout the state . Our aim is to build a place where families of all seasons, can thrive- not just survive. 

We organize weekly meet-ups in various locations throughout the state, catering to the diverse needs and interests of families in all stages of life. Our ultimate objective is to spread love and establish the village that we have all been seeking.

Misfit Mamas, Inc is a community-focused organization that aims to provide support to families in Connecticut through weekly meet-ups, special events, support groups, and our variety of services. We strive to create a place where families can thrive and not just survive by catering to the diverse needs and interests of families at all stages of life. 


Our Story

She had always known when it became time for her to enter her own mothering journey, that her support system would look a little different then the typically seen. Born to a teen mother, soon taken into the system; she would spend the majority of her youth and adolescents in Florida, before ultimately being forced to pack all her portioned into two suitcases and a carry on, and start her life over in Connecticut at just 14 years old. Throughout high school, she would live between an aunts and friends, starting her own business that would lead her to a decade of witnessing families struggling with the lack of community and support, in so many stages of parenthood. 

After the birth of her son, she couldn't stop thinking about how nothing had changed over the last decade. Soon she’d start to think about her own biological mother, and the grandparents that raised her, and would start to question, “What if they had people in their corner? What if they had support?”. 

As she emerged from the 4th trimester, she felt more isolated and alone than she ever imagined. Her partner was on the road for weeks at a time for work, and all of her friends had either no children of their own yet, or had been a decade into their parenting journey. The excitement of a new baby around had warn off, and it was just her and a newborn at home. One day as she was thinking about her doula business, she would create a Facebook Community for former clients or aquantinces she knew navigating the early years of parenthood, naming it “The Misfit Mamas”. She would start organizing weekly playdates across the state to bring families together to find connection, soon adding in special events and other opportunities. Four months after it started, she would see the need for what she had created went far deeper, and in August of 2022, founded our organization. setting out to build a place that served families of all stages, providing them a space to thrive, not just survive. 

Meet The Team

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