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Flamingos actually lose their bright, vibrant colors during their early years. This happens because they invest so much energy in nurturing their young. As their offspring become more self-sufficient and capable, the flamingos begin to regain their colorful appearance and independence. Let's remind mothers that they are appreciated, cherished, and encouraged on their journey through motherhood by sending them a flock of Misfit love!

"Ours is a generation of mothers attempting to be the village we don't have and blaming ourselves when we cannot live up to superhuman standards." - Beth Berry

For just $10, surprise your friend with a flock of flamingos stealthily delivered to their yard. These flamingos will stay for  up to 2 days before moving on to the next yard!


Recipients won't have to pay initially but will receive instructions on how to pay for future flocks, creating a cycle of fun and flocking.


This unique fundraiser not only celebrates our fellow mothers but also provides support to The Misfit Mamas, Inc. & The Briarwood Project. All proceeds will help sustain our initiatives and aid families in need within our communities.


Let’s rally together, flock our community, and back The Misfit Mamas, Inc. in creating a nurturing environment where families can flourish, not just survive.

FLOCK A MAMA ( Flyer (5.5 x 8.5))-2.png

Join The Flocking Fun! 

Help us make a difference while spreading some Misfit love and cheer! 

Select an item ($)

***For Dancing Telegrams Only**
The Dancing Flamingo-Grams will visit first & then just as they think the fun is over, our trained technicians will migrate their flock to greet them when they arrive home! If your sending a Dancing Flamingo-Gram to their home, it will land just before we ring the bell! 

02:30 PM

Thank you for your donation!

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