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Child Care

Our Child Care Specialists provide trustworthy and caring childcare, ensuring your children's well-being in a safe nurturing setting. Let us alleviate the burden of finding secure and dependable childcare.


Doula Support

We provide personalized birth and postpartum doula services, working with your birthing team to offer continuous support and care for a positive experience during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.


Support Groups

Our support groups for a safe space to share experiences, gain insights, and find solace. Our facilitators lead with empathy, ensuring every voice is heard and valued. Creating a supportive network for parents & caregivers.



We offer a variety of resources to assist struggling families. Connecting them with local resources, arranging care packages, or arranging meal trains.We are here to provide the support every human deserves, with a compassionate and understanding approach.

Parenthood can feel overwhelming;
but it doesn't have to be

Navigating the world of parenthood can often feel like a maze, but with the right guidance and a supportive community, it becomes a journey of discovery and joy. At the Misfit Mamas Inc., we're here to walk alongside you, offering diverse services tailored to families at all stages. We believe in empowering families with the tools they need to nurture and grow, rather than just getting by. Parenthood doesn't end when your child takes their first step into school, celebrates their graduation, or even when they start their own family. It's a lifelong adventure, and with Misfit Mamas, you've got a supportive community with you, every step of the way.


“Thank you for hearing the call and becoming the beacon you are for all lonely mothers! We appreciate you! Your time, your vulnerability, this space you’ve created, and so much more!!" Amy D.

Member since August 2022

Motherhood is no joke and I know I’m not alone in saying how relieved I am to know so many others have felt the same way. We’ve met some wonderful people who have accepted me and my girl so easily!!" Shana C." - Shana C.

Member since December 2022

“Receiving your labor doula support firsthand was medicine for all of us. You are 100% immersed. The second you arrived, locked eyes with me and smiled, I calmed and knew i could do it! I did it with no meds bc of your support. My only wish is that we had a picture with you in it from our birth. The pictures you took of us (which I had no clue you were taking) are gifts forever. Thank you!" Halley T.

Member since April 2022

“Thank you so much Misfit Mamas, you have helped us more then you know and are so happy and grateful." Kacie B.

Member since April 2022

“I love how I have a safe place to vent, ask questions, and go through this journey of motherhood!" - Rena I. 

Member since April 2022

“I am so happy I found this group! It’s helps me know I’m not alone in how I’m feeling as a Mama! I struggle with anxiety, depression and PTSD so this has helped alleviate some of that while allowing me to make friends that know what I’m going through as a Mama!" -Ashley C. 

Member since January 2023



Meet our Directors! Get to know the faces behind the success of our organizations service offerings and learn about their expertise and experience. We are proud to have such a talented dedicated team leading us towards a brighter future.

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