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Our Vision for Briarwood

Millions of U.S. families are feeling increasingly cornered, with each passing generation experiencing worsening conditions and identical stressors. Our organization is on a mission to build a place where families can come and thrive, not just survive. With our eyes on the former Briarwood campus as a brick and mortar providing individualized childcare, and housing facilities for families in transition, facilitating a range of resources and support for families in our state, while creating a home base for the volunteers and staff that work diligently to improve the lives of others before their own.

The campus that was once built by those in our very own community, has sat vacant and abandoned for years. Our vision is to revitalize it into a hub where families can connect, receive support, and not just survive but thrive in all stages of their parenting journey.

The existing property is equipped with all the necessary amenities we require to host our various support services and foster a sense of community. Here's how we plan to transform the space:

  • Communal areas featuring art and research labs, an on-site child care hub, indoor and outdoor play structures, a teen center, sensory rooms and more!

  • The daycare center operating from 6 am to 10 pm aims to address the lack of flexible early morning and late evening care options in the state.

  • Transitional Housing for single mothers and youth transitioning out of foster care.

  • Therapeutic, Lactation, Occupational Therapy and other Professional offices

  • A Perinatal Wellness & Birth Center 

  • A Community Care Center

  • Before & After School Programs 

  • Community Workshops & Events

  • Youth & Adult Classes, Clubs & Programs 

  • And more!

To realize this ambitious project and restore the Briarwood Campus for the benefit of our communities, we seek support from fellow community members. Together, we can be the change we all need! Make your donations payable to  Misfit Mamas, Inc. and mail them to 125 Main St. PO Box 629, Southington Connecticut, 06489, or donate through our website at The Briarwood Project

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