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The Misfits was established with the aim of fostering an inclusive and supportive community of parents, serving as a village of mutual support. It's a place where those who have felt marginalized by society or like they didn't quite fit in can find solace and companionship, realizing that despite our unique stories, challenges, and social backgrounds, we are all human beings deserving of empathy and understanding. Here, we can rely on each other as we grow and learn together. Today, we remain committed to our goal of creating a place where families cannot only survive but thrive. This is achieved through a wide range of services, play dates, events, support groups, and resources provided to children, parents, caregivers, and families across Connecticut.

Our community consists of over 6,500 members from diverse family structures and life stages. With a team of just over 20 dedicated volunteers, including leaders who generously contribute their time while raising young children and juggling full-time jobs, we operate from our homes, rent spaces, and collaborate with the community to offer our services. We are diligently working towards acquiring the old Briarwood/Lincoln College in Southington to establish a permanent base. Our programs are recommended by professionals in behavioral health, wellness, and other fields across the state, enabling us to reach even more families.


Our Approach

Wouldn't it be wonderful if parents could find a comforting community, a haven where their openness is welcomed with empathy, direction, and sincere compassion? The journey of parenthood can sometimes feel like a maze of opinions, often pushing many towards isolation. Each family, each child, holds a special individuality, proving that parenting doesn't conform to a single blueprint.


At The Misfits, we encounter a wide diversity of families, each with their own set of unique challenges. Our approach involves addressing these obstacles through community support and personalized care.

Some families and children we encounter are seeking a sense of belonging within a community, and we are committed to strengthening their ties and providing a nurturing environment filled with joy and acceptance.

On the other hand, there are occasions when parents come to us overwhelmed by profound trauma, facing a family crisis. Often, they have previously sought help elsewhere without success, leaving them frustrated and fearful that a solution may never be found. In these moments, they experience a deep sense of isolation.


The Misfits extends a warm welcome to all parents, caregivers, youth families, embracing them as part of our family. Our mission is to empower them to discover their inner strength, foster a supportive and nurturing community, and build resilience to face life's challenges head-on.

Even when our families doubt themselves, we stand by them unwaveringly. Our success stems from our dedicated commitment to guiding children, adults, and families towards genuine and impactful transformation.

To achieve this, we partner with highly skilled and seasoned professionals, fostering creativity and innovation to develop effective solutions. Our focus is on creating enduring, positive change for families. This entails sharing our insights and knowledge with city and state officials, policymakers, advocates for families and children, and community leaders, to enhance the service system for individuals and families.


The Misfit’s dedication to diversity goes beyond mere words. Diversity fuels our mission, and is at the core of our foundation. We are firm believers in the power of diversity and inclusion in shaping our approach. By embracing diverse perspectives and individuals, we gain valuable insights, unearth possibilities for fostering a more inclusive community, and bring about tangible transformations.

The Misfits is dedicated to anti-racism.

We are committed to utilizing our team, policies, procedures, and collaborations to:

  • Confront systems that uphold racial injustice

  • Recognize and rectify unconscious prejudices

  • Enhance our ability to promote racial fairness
    The journey of being an anti-racist organization is ongoing. Our actions will consistently reflect our dedication to racial and social equality.

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